HGUC Nightingale MSN 04-2

after long hibernate..I start to work my biggest dream on modelling yes, to make one of my favorite mecha all the time..Nightingale. as you know nightingale is alternate interpretation of sazabi, show in Gundam Novel Beltorchika’s Children I collect a nightingale reference as much as I can, and apply it to HGUC system as we […]

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RX-178 Mk II ver.OYW

my 3rd kit, 🙂 just OOB building with RX-78 color scheme… need lot of practice to closed the seamline..and to painting.. so i decide this will be an OOB build..so here they are: 1.first thing first,snapfit… 🙂 2.sharping V-fin and closed the seamline 3.Some part is ready to priming 😀 4.and some part is already […]

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